Why Online Marketing Strategies Is More Fruitful from Offline Marketing

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Marketingis the backbone of every business. Online marketing or digital marketing is the strategy by which you can promote your business very easily. It only needs, a good website with your information and services which is provided. This strategy is proved the best in the past decade.
Whether, your business is domestic or global if it is done well then the results are also impressive. And far better than the offline strategies. The prime reason for its gaining popularity is its cost friendly quality. It is not expensive as offline strategies. Let’s have a look how it exactly works:

Digital marketing gives a large number of visitors, from the every part of the world. For better results using search engine optimizations techniquesis very important. In this your websites gets promoted on the basis of your services and searched keywords. The keywords are stuffed in quality
articles and submitted to the respective popular site. There is a huge criteria for your contents, the better the content, the better and the optimization.

The next way to promote your business is the Social Media Marketing. Firstly, create your original social media pages, then update yourself or hire someone to update the latest news, information, and your services. In this way you can directly get linked with the general public.
When you are making your websites, create a blog page also. A blog is the platform in which you can keep your views, share knowledge. And also allow people to comment there. In this way you can interact directly with people.

The next comes the guest blogging. You can contribute your contents to other blogs, which is similar to you. But check the quality of the blog first. Apart from these, there is a new technique called Email marketing. In which you can introduce your business and services directly to people.

The present age is the time for smartphones. So creating a responsive website will be like a gem for your business. With the help of a responsive web design we can easily reach our goal easily.
And if your business supports some direct products or service, then you can also create a mobile app for it.

In these way you can introduce and make your business popular, which was not possible in older days with the help of offline techniques only. Promote your business with internet marketing strategies and get the best results.

Initiate Rain Water Harvesting to save Fresh Water

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Our beautiful world is not the same as what it was at the time of its creation. Increasing human requirements with its popularization changed it completely. The urban settlement is very much responsible for it. These things are best felt when we face any crisis of basic things in our livelihood.

As, for example, the power cut at the time of running the water motor. This situation is faced by all of us at least once in a lifetime. Then we realize that how the world is transformed by the human hands. With the construction of buildings and metal roads, the seepage of rainwater has been diminished. So there is a chance to have a scarcity of groundwater. In the contemporary period, one of the most common crises is of the availability of drinkable water.

How do you preserve the Rain Water?

In the regions where there is a continuous crisis of fresh water, we should make use of the rainwater by preserving it, during different times. For this, we have to first clean our terrace and the attached shade, so that whenever rainfall occurs you can collect the rainwater which is coming through the shade. Then collect in clean tanks or containers, don’t keep it open. Cover it and don’t allow entering any dust or littering in it. If you want to keep your storage clean then maintain an observation to your tanks and gutters in every six months. This is very important step to lead a healthy life.


Different Uses of Preserved Rain Water

One can use the rain water in different ways, just you need to be little rational.

i) Water your garden or plants with it. As it is the best water for your plants. By doing this, you will be saving your extra potable water what you daily use to water your plants.

ii) Secondly, you can wash your cloths and other materials of your house with it. Rain water is regarded good for cloths.

iii) As we all know our toilets takes much water to be clean every week. So this is the place where we need our rain water to be used. If every family starts a rational thinking to save the fresh water then there will not be many crises of water for years.

iv) Rainwater is also very good for cleaning kitchens and if you are using a good filter for drinking water then rainwater can also be used for drinking purposes, for that you have to talk to your filter agencies.

Water is the chief source of life. And with time and gaining world population there might be a chance of scarcity of fresh water. So this is the time we all should start thinking and practicing to save our only living planet.


About the Author: Sonia Shaw is a contributor to khojpanacea.com blog. In this article she discusses about the usage of rainwater in our daily life.

Pamper Your Feet by These Simple Tips

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There is no doubt that we all are having a hectic schedule throughout the week both men and women. And this schedule can only be maintained well when we take better care of ourselves. But what is the definition of these caring? That remains a question. Whenever we talk about health caring many of us makes the idea take care of the diet and skin.  Today, we will not talk about the brighter skin or better diet, but have we ever thought that our “feet” are the most tortured part of our body. It holds the weight of the entire body in every movement. So, we should take care of the feet equally as we take care of our face.  A nice foot is the foremost requirement for everyone, without this we cannot stretch our daily routine with comfort. Here are some steps by which you can take care of your feet at home only.


Firstly, make a habit to clean your feet every day while bathing. Use a soft brush and a mild liquid soap or by pumice.

Once a week you should remove you nail enamels and your nails and file it.

After that give a hot water treatment at least once a week. For this, you just mix hot and cold water according to the temperature what suits you in the tub and keep your feet and relax for ten to fifteen minutes. You can also add some drops of shampoo, which will clean you dust wholly.

Then pat dry your feet. After that use a good moisturizer in the circular manner.  Keep them too relaxed so that it can be absorbed to maintain the pH balance of the feet. Treat-Cracked-Heels-Cracked-Heels-Cracked-Heels-Care-Dry-Heels-Cracked-Heels-Remedies-Cracked-Heels-Tips

Finally, give a good nail polish to enhance the looks of your feet. Apply your nail enamels with straight strokes and finish it well. And don’t forget to apply a transparent top coat to give an elegant look.


A good foot is the root towards a healthy and active body, as the feet works more than any other body part; it needs a relaxation so that the blood circulations must not be affected. Many times we feel fatigue and tired without any reason, maybe we are not working too much by our body but still like to take a rest. This is a sign that our body needs feet relaxation, but we never think of that. This is not only to centered to the women only,  but men also required foot caring, as their feet are mostly covered with socks and shoes, the chances of having bacteria is more than women, so men take care of your feet too.

Author Bio: Sonia Shaw, Seo Analyst by profession and writer by hobby, shares her experiences, views by writing online blogs and articles. She contributes blogs for Khoj Panacea.

Few Tips to get Perfect Abs for Fitness Freaks

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To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise”- Gene Tunney. Sitting all day in front of your system is one the important reason for not having a firm tummy along with foods containing high amount of calories and fats. One will mention about the hours they spent in their gym. Doing gym for a few hours and then compensating them with the delicious pastries and cookies won’t get you a firm abs.

John F. Kennedy said,” Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”. Work out not only helps in keeping our body fit but also makes our minds work in a better way. Work out should not be tiring and exhausting. Rather it should be fun doing it. Until and unless you enjoy doing your workouts you will not be willing to continue with it. There are many of them but what should concern one is which to do and which one not. Image

Crunches and sit-ups are the very common suggestions that one will get but at the very same time they are needed to be accompanied with some others that will result in toning abs. There are many forms and ways of performing crunches than. For instance, instead of doing normal crunches do the cross-body crunches. Your starting position will be lying down on your back and place your hands behind your head. Now, your body movement will be of a regular crunch but instead of going straight up, bring your right elbow and shoulder towards your left knee. Now slowly lie down and do the same with your left elbow but this time go for the right knee.

One can also do cycle crunches. Posture will be same, the only difference is lift your head with hands behind it and lift your legs too and do cycling in air. Helps you toning your thighs along with abs. Reverse crunch is the other one that helps you reducing the fat in your waist and stomach, resulting in flat tummy and with longer practice it will give you perfect abs.Image

Planks is the other one which will help you tone your abs and abdominal portion of your body. Taking the position of the push-up is the exact posture of plank. Yes, it won’t be easy doing in the beginning for longer time but with regular practice duration will increase automatically resulting in improvement in endurance. Plank knee pulls is the other formation of plank. In straight arm plank position, bring one knee forward and try to touch your nose to your knee. Complete on one side, then repeat on the other.Image

Bridge pose is similar to the plank with a very little difference. This is a lower back exercise to make sure compliment the lower abs work. Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Raise your hip off the ground and so that your body makes a perfect 45 degree angle. Then squeeze your hip cheeks together as tight as you can-hold it.

Twist is the other one for your rescue. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, your arms out to your sides and your elbows bent. Keeping your feet, head, and hips stationary, quickly twist your upper body from side to side so that your oblique muscles feel the contraction. Move from side to side only as far as your waist will allow you to go. Breathe continuously and contract your abdominal muscles throughout the exercise.Image

Fabulous Sweaty Abs Circuit

50 Jumping jacks

50 Crunches

50 Squat jumps

60 Seconds plank

25 Crunches to left, 25 Crunches to right

60 Seconds high knees

25 Reverse crunches

10 Burpees

25 Bicycle crunches

60 Seconds jump rope

20 Leg lift crunches

25 Mountain climbers

25 Crunches on exercise ball

25 Skaters




Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and preventing from getting exhausted. Having perfectly toned abs is not a joke. One can achieve it only by complete dedication and regularity. Have healthy diets and sleep of complete 8 hours is compulsory because “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”- Thomas Dekker. Keeping a track of every day’s work out and outcome will help you keep a record of every step taken by you.

The Usage & Adaption of Mobile Apps.

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The term ‘mobile’ earlier meant something that can be moved from place to place then it changed into a device used for calling. Revolutions made that handy thing more useful than it was imaginable. More the time passed more it developed and had a number of applications or more commonly known ‘apps’. Google play store is the place where one can find any number of apps that are useful or entertaining to them.


In today’s world mobile apps are of many types that makes our daily life easier like, recycle bins for mobile phone helps you restore the deleted items when needed; maps- you need to find a place while you are on your way, it’s there. Got something scans immediately, Cam Scanner is there to help. Apps that makes you feel the safe at night or deserted areas and help you contact your family at an emergency-vithU. Apps that entertains you when you are bore: Temple run, Bubble shoot, photo editor apps like-Fotos, Pace Editor, Photo Studio, etc. There are many apps that help one to have books stored in there mobiles for the book-lovers. Beauties there is good news for you all, now a new app is available in Google Play store named ‘Mirror’. Yes, that is what you just read. No need to carry a mirror every time you step out of your house. It’s right there in your smart phones.


Apps regarding banks is also there to help one out namely, SBI Banking, Axis Banking, etc. Students no need to freak out just because your grammar is poor. An app called ‘English Grammar’ has just let us know about it. Online shoppers no need to stick to your personal computers to shop. You can shop anytime on your mobile phones with the help of the following apps, Flip kart, jungle.com, amazon.com, etc. Folks do not worry if you have just lost your mobile. ‘Mobile tracker’ app is there for you. Need to hide some file ‘App Lock’ is there. Online chatter are the one who has got to use their mobiles to its fullest extent with the help of ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Line’, ‘Facebook messenger’, ‘We chat’, and the list goes on.

If one gets too many calls from unknown peoples and wants to know about their whereabouts ’Phone 2 Location’ is what one needs. When you need to keep a record of all your conversations ‘Automatic Call Recorder’ is of great help. With all this interesting apps one will need to keep their mobiles safe and protected from viruses, Kasperskey, 360 Security, etc are there at service.

There are some fake apps that can slow down our mobiles or damage them severely. So choose apps for your Smartphone wisely. Enjoy using your Smart phones which are full of application.

Five Best Travel Tips for the Honeymoon Couples:

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The wedding with all its pomp and grandeur, has ample elements to tire the nerves of the newly-wed. So a honeymoon well planned with ease and a laid-back mind can couple as a stress-buster and undeniably the most memorable episode of your married life. Here are some rudimentary tips to chalk out a successful honeymoon retreat.

  • The Place, the Phase and the Pleasure:

When it comes to the pivotal subject of any honeymoon, the chosen getaway grabs all the glare. Honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. So, leave no stones unturned to unearth that perfect spot to realize and relish the most cherished of your dreams and the wildest of your desires. Sit with your spouse, discourse mutual taste and preferences and finally zero on the most favorable destination. Besides, it is inevitable that you delve into the details of the region like the climate characteristics, topography etc., and thereafter pick the right phase of the year to plan your honeymoon and the right choice of garments, medicines, first-aid and other essential stuffs to carry along. You surely don’t want your honeymoon to be riddled with memories of petrifying potholes, menacing muck-smeared attires and unsolicited drenches. There lies substantial information over the internet, in the travel catalogues and directories to aid in your enquiry. Do an extensive research to derive the utmost pleasure from your dream destination with your newly fulfilled dream by your side.


  • The Budget Blueprint:

Honeymoon is not the right occasion to pinch on your pennies. Careful planning of the budget will help you steer clear of unnecessary splurges and instead may even make way for a little more of extra shopping for your relatives back home.


  • The Pursuit’s Panacea:

Besides basking in the warmth of luxurious seclusion in a romantic milieu, do you entice to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush through some exhilarating sport like river-rafting, paragliding, bungee-jumping etc., holding the hands of your soul-mate? Or has it been your pursuit to share with your partner, the pristine bliss of some unique unwinding leisure activities like a lazy boat ride or a soothing fish massage or a mesmerizing opera show? Find the remedy for the quest of your cravings in the doting company of your better-half. Your honeymoon can be the best bet to satiate your long-yearned fancies. And yes, don’t forget to click memories (read ‘photographs’), a hell lot of them and do pick souvenirs from the place you visited. After all, these are the things that will stay with you and let the vivid reminiscences of your honeymoon linger on till years together.



  • The Counsel Consequences:

Never say no to advices and opinions from experienced honeymooners, proficient travel agents and skilled trip advisors. They have helped a lot many couples to design a perfect honeymoon. Go for deals that suit your pocket. Choose a cruise or an all-inclusive resort providing you, all your lodging, meals, and entertainment at a fixed price – making it easier to budget your expenses. A good consult prior to your final planning will imperatively aid in better execution of your plans. But you should wisely assort the advices and counsels as there is no dearth of fake and unreliable information resources looming in the market.

imagesas (1)

  • The Perceptive Planning:

Plan way ahead before your chosen date of honeymoon to avail the benefits of a low-airfare ticket, cheaper hotel reservation prices and last minute hassles.

Use your maiden name to get all your bookings done as this name is the one printed on your passports and identity proofs.

Keep a back-up of contacts in case your cell phone gets misplaced and in times of emergency.

Let people know you are on your honeymoon. There are many courtesies for couples travelling on their honeymoon.

And lastly, don’t over-expect. The least you expect, the lesser are the chances of disappointment in case of any mess.

These are certain keys of planning your honeymoon smart and astute.

A honeymoon is literally, an experience of a lifetime. Do make it one.

Impacts of Internet On Young Minds

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The Internet has given the human race an unlimited amount of knowledge with a few clicks of a mouse. It is one of the wonderful inventions of mankind. Internet has penetrated through our young generation. In fact, 90% of American teenagers use the internet -Yahoo and Asian teenagers use the- Google. From online shopping, driving directions, to news articles, sports statistics,school, college projects, and the list is endless. With very little effort, unlimited amount of information is accessible about anyone or anything. Without ever leaving the comfort of your home, you can collect concert tickets, pay bills, chat with a vey unknown person that too without speaking a word. Social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter allow access to anyone at anytime throughout the world. 22% of teenagers sign in more than ten times a day into their favourite social networks, and 73% of teenagers are on facebook.


Video sites for instance, YouTube allow one to watch an embarrassing moment happened just moments ago to someone you do not even know. The internet is being constantly used in our daily life and has been a part of an advance society. It has changed our fast world into an even faster one.The younger generation has grown up with the internet and uses it in every aspect of life. Twenty years ago most people would not have imagined the information that is available to us today. The internet has got both, positive and negative impact on the social skills and psychological well-being of today’s youth. To educate and control our children’s use of what the internet has offer is very important. Internet has also got a very control on our young minds by having free software for the computer children, free music for the music lovers; all one has to do is just download and there you go.Image

“Learning by doing”, everybody knows this phrase and it’s still an essential part concerning the internet. The internet is providing the world a chance to learn, communicate, and share knowledge in a revolutionary way. It has broadened our academic resources and has proven to have made this generation smarter and more knowledgeable. Along with positive aspects internet has got negative aspects as well. For some of those who use the Internet very often, it presents adangerous path. While it is unclear if Internet use causes problems in these peoples’ lives or ifthey simply the Internet like anything else to escape their problems, many studies have suggested that such use can lead to unhealthily obsessivebehaviour.Teenagers who suffer from internet addiction absentmindedly put off more essential works to go online.


The exposure to malicious and uncensored content online has perverted teenagers and has caused them to be more aggressive and violent resulting in increase in the rate of crimes committed by young peoples. Some teenagers learn to hack profiles on social networks just for fun and cause damage to the concerned person in many ways.Not only this, it can also have negative effects on local communities if young people are spending most of their time communicating online and not mixing in their neighbourhoods, and possibly lead to feelings of isolation for those individuals who do not have a ‘real’ person to turn to in times of need.

Thus, it is strongly believed that the internet has undoubtedly been beneficial, but there are good reasons to be concerned about social interaction in our societies. It is therefore important that we maintain a balance between our online life and our contact with real human beings.

Select the best furnitures for your Kids’s Room

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Kids and their furniture are the most innocent and beautiful thing one would like to have in their life at least for once. It looks easier to furnish a child’s room but when you are on the floor of doing so you will find it really difficult to do. Furniture for a kid’s room should be of their choice and comfort.

With households forming 65% of the $7,922 million Indian furniture market, how are entrepreneurs leveraging the potential in this niche segment of business?

Gone are the days when kids’ rooms consisted only of teddy bears and hues of pink and blue. From cosy little baby cribs, playful beds and bean bag furniture to room accessories like colourful drapes, thematic wallpapers and bed linen there are special furnishings available for every toddler’s taste.Image

The rising number of single-child-double-income families deeply inclined to spend on lifestyle products, coupled with an exposure to international standards, is luring many urban and middle class parents to invest in high quality furniture and furnishings for their kids’ rooms.

Like adults, children also require a dedicated area where they can play, learn and grow. Parents are now realizing this need for their little ones to explore their creative selves.” Children are also becoming demanding and are major catalysts in their parents’ decision to deck up their rooms.Image

But is this demand being met? According to a report by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian Furniture market is worth US $7,922 million, with about 15% in the organized sector catering to households, offices and the hospitality sector. A whopping 65%, households form the biggest consumer segment. Most of the furniture, however, is for adults and doesn’t cater adequately to the requirements of the kids, especially in terms of size and design.

When it comes to creating a space for children, there is still a gap, with many furniture companies either being international or having a limited range of children’s items. Only a few players are catering exclusively to children’s furniture and room décor, making it an opportunity waiting to be grabbed by aspiring entrepreneurs.

@Home to expand 4-fold from 15 to 65 stores in 3 years; earmarks Rs 140 cr. for expansion

@Home stores, the home furnishing retail chain of India’s largest, Rs 1,000 crore. Moulded furniture manufacturer, Neelkamal Ltd, is planning aggressive expansion of its retail network from 15 stores to 65 stores in the next three years (2012-13). @Home retail chain was set up by the company two years ago.Image

Currently, @Home stores are located in all major cities of the Western and the Southern India. However, after expansion, the retail chain would have expanded to most of the tier II and III cities, across India, particularly new cities located in the Northern and the Eastern regions of the country. Neelkamal will be investing Rs 140-crore on @Home’s expansion.

Neelkamal, according to Parikh, is also looking at introduction of new products including some exclusive designs of furniture and cupboards for children, bathroom products, office furniture and other home furniture for launch. Apart from new range of furniture, the company will also be giving a strong thrust to its lighting and home furnishing business.

“Our aim is to make @Home cater to every requirement of the customer,” said Parikh.

Home Solutions launches its first ‘Value’ home making retail concept in AurangabadImage

Home Solutions Retail (India) Ltd., a part of the Future Group, today, announced the launch of a brand new retail format in the Home Segment called ‘Home Bazaar’, – a satellite version of its national home making and improvement retail brand Home Town.

Home Bazaar will have displays of various room settings such as living room, dining room, bedroom, kids’ room, kitchen & bathroom. Customers will get to select from a range of products like sofa sets, dining tables, beds, kids furniture, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, furnishings, mattresses, paints, tiles, electrical fittings, decor lighting, plywood, etc. Home Bazaar will also have a services section catering to specialized services like plumbing, electrician, painter, carpentry etc.Image

Various companies help us furnish our kids room in a modern yet economical way, fulfilling all their fantasies. Different types of beds, such as bunker beds, folding bed; study table of different designs like table attached to the wall, folding table, etc. are the options one have.

Choose perfect destination for your Monsoon Wedding

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As the sultry summer days take a turn for a splendid metamorphosis, the quintessential monsoon with its valiant wings spreading the bracing freshness of life is heralded in. The magical season of monsoon have always been the throbbing pulse of Indian culture. Its amalgamation with the concept of wedding echoes the spirit of wholesomeness, integrity and fervor. The transformation of a seemingly lifeless, parched, scorching summer rejuvenating into a green vista teeming with prosperity and opulence is therefore the apt juncture to choose a wedding date. The term ‘wedding’ in Indian culture carries with itself a colossal baggage of an entire fortune, abounding energy, countless rituals and oodles of love and blessings.beachtop Recently there has been a sudden boom in the wedding planning market in India with top-notch wedding planners belting out immense creativity through their novel ideas. Wedding has now been turned into a cultural extravaganza and the foremost point that has caught the attention of wedding couples is the wedding location. The incessant hunt for a destination wedding has been a perturbing issue amongst wedding planners. But with new and happening locations being unearthed all around the world, wedding planners have come up with an exotic range of wedding destinations.Image In a destination wedding, couple can exchange vows in an ecstatic locale that might have been their long cherished dream. The blessed ceremony may be envisaged on an incandescent white-sand beach, atop a cliff overlooking the ocean, within a blossoming garden, or encircled by hummocks, the choices are myriad and keep soaring, riding the wings of one’s imagination. But when the period of monsoon is chosen for the marriage, special note should be taken into account for planning it.rain-wedding Monsoon poses to be one of the most romantic times of the year for a marriage to be planned, but if all precautions are not taken it can act as a spoilsport too. Utmost care and knowledge should be predisposed while choosing the location and arrangements of a monsoon wedding. Destinations like the rain-soaked beaches of Maldives or Andaman or Goa, the pulsating vibrant and plush greenery of the Araku valleys or the Western Ghats or the waterfalls tucked away in the North East replete with the drizzling clatter of the rain, calls for a mind-boggling venue. The pitter-patter of the raindrops, the rustling of the leaves, and the swish of the cool breeze makes a perfect set-up for an ultimate romantic wedding. Image To top it all, rain itself can be made a theme to add an extra sparkle to the occasion. But alongside, it should be ensured that the guests enjoy all the convenience and are spared from the trouble of pothole-rigged roads and unsolicited drenches. Besides, monsoon weddings give an unparalleled prospects to explore sumptuous food spreads. But, extra care should be taken to safeguard the health of one and all as monsoon is a breeding season of pests and microbes that can cause stomach ailments. Nevertheless, monsoon with its resplendent plethora of unfurling beauty and stunning radiance is sure to make a wedding an unforgettable affair for the blessed couple and their warm guests.

Few Tips to Enhance Your Summer Clothing

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Summer, the warmest season in the year extending from the summer solstice through to the autumnal equinox. Rainy season gets introduced by the heat of the summer and the impossible freezing cold of the winter also gets solved by the same.

 Summer brings back lots of outdoor social activities such as picnics, pool-parties, visit to beaches and parks to relax which gets neglected because of the hectic schedule. With fine weather, clear starry skies and a bright moon hosted by the summer, ideal for the purpose of party for the party rockers. Bright and longer days, exposure to the beauty of nature, grasses are greener, blooming of flowers, return to the melted and blossoming fields of the animals and myriad birds are the ultimate outcome of the summer season. With all these facts one should not ignore the serious and most important fact is dressing in this complicated season- summer season. Image

To feel cool under the scorching sun, dresses made of light materials is the first preference of mankind. Most of them are spotted in shorts, sunglasses, summer dresses, and sandals. There is a wide variety of dresses that one can wear during the summer such as for women there are cotton dresses, frocks, evening gowns. Sleeveless top goes well with shorts or three-quarters and comforts the person wearing it in the temperature of the hot day. Light accessories for instance small top earring and light necklace accompanied by a small side purse or clutch purse completes ones dressing in appearance and comfort at the same time.

Men also have got great options when it comes about dressing during the summer season. Cotton shirts paired with soft jeans results in comfortable dressing. Now a days boys are also showing their interest in floral designs and prints. A guy with a Hollywood hunk stature will look fabulous in a light coloured jungle print cotton shirt and dark shorts.
 Most people face a very common problem during this season is rashes and itching that occurs from selecting the wrong materials to wear. There’s a solution to this problem is to wear dresses made of cotton, semi-cotton, silk materials. These are the naturally acquired clothing materials. Dresses made of synthetic, linen; etc will increase your problems.

Peoples visiting beaches for the wonderful sun-bath should keep this in mind that one wrong decision regarding their beach costume may land them up in the middle of lots of discomfort.

 Now a day’s polka designs and floral print are in vogue resulting in its being the first choice of girls. A sleeveless or an off shoulder light coloured dress with any of the above mentioned designs will give an eye-soothing, attractive look to any woman. Not to forget about the small statured persons, they can compete with the extra fashionable summer world by putting on cool light hued bright like sap green, chrome yellow t-shirts and blue, chocolate brown three-quarters. Image

Last but not the least dresses of kids are the most important topic that needs our attention. Infants’ wear are to be decided very cautiously as they are unable to express their discomfort. Their clothing has to be of pure cotton and of light coloured to prevent the absorption of heat. It should be airy, comfortable, and sweat absorbent yet dry.

 A very important and the most neglected tip is try to keep your summer clothing simple, light, airy and sweat absorbent. More on summer and monsoon clothing are on their way. Till then make your selections wisely and fashionably. Take care and wish all you folks a very happy summer!!!