Initiate Rain Water Harvesting to save Fresh Water

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Our beautiful world is not the same as what it was at the time of its creation. Increasing human requirements with its popularization changed it completely. The urban settlement is very much responsible for it. These things are best felt when we face any crisis of basic things in our livelihood.

As, for example, the power cut at the time of running the water motor. This situation is faced by all of us at least once in a lifetime. Then we realize that how the world is transformed by the human hands. With the construction of buildings and metal roads, the seepage of rainwater has been diminished. So there is a chance to have a scarcity of groundwater. In the contemporary period, one of the most common crises is of the availability of drinkable water.

How do you preserve the Rain Water?

In the regions where there is a continuous crisis of fresh water, we should make use of the rainwater by preserving it, during different times. For this, we have to first clean our terrace and the attached shade, so that whenever rainfall occurs you can collect the rainwater which is coming through the shade. Then collect in clean tanks or containers, don’t keep it open. Cover it and don’t allow entering any dust or littering in it. If you want to keep your storage clean then maintain an observation to your tanks and gutters in every six months. This is very important step to lead a healthy life.


Different Uses of Preserved Rain Water

One can use the rain water in different ways, just you need to be little rational.

i) Water your garden or plants with it. As it is the best water for your plants. By doing this, you will be saving your extra potable water what you daily use to water your plants.

ii) Secondly, you can wash your cloths and other materials of your house with it. Rain water is regarded good for cloths.

iii) As we all know our toilets takes much water to be clean every week. So this is the place where we need our rain water to be used. If every family starts a rational thinking to save the fresh water then there will not be many crises of water for years.

iv) Rainwater is also very good for cleaning kitchens and if you are using a good filter for drinking water then rainwater can also be used for drinking purposes, for that you have to talk to your filter agencies.

Water is the chief source of life. And with time and gaining world population there might be a chance of scarcity of fresh water. So this is the time we all should start thinking and practicing to save our only living planet.


About the Author: Sonia Shaw is a contributor to blog. In this article she discusses about the usage of rainwater in our daily life.

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