Pamper Your Feet by These Simple Tips

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There is no doubt that we all are having a hectic schedule throughout the week both men and women. And this schedule can only be maintained well when we take better care of ourselves. But what is the definition of these caring? That remains a question. Whenever we talk about health caring many of us makes the idea take care of the diet and skin.  Today, we will not talk about the brighter skin or better diet, but have we ever thought that our “feet” are the most tortured part of our body. It holds the weight of the entire body in every movement. So, we should take care of the feet equally as we take care of our face.  A nice foot is the foremost requirement for everyone, without this we cannot stretch our daily routine with comfort. Here are some steps by which you can take care of your feet at home only.


Firstly, make a habit to clean your feet every day while bathing. Use a soft brush and a mild liquid soap or by pumice.

Once a week you should remove you nail enamels and your nails and file it.

After that give a hot water treatment at least once a week. For this, you just mix hot and cold water according to the temperature what suits you in the tub and keep your feet and relax for ten to fifteen minutes. You can also add some drops of shampoo, which will clean you dust wholly.

Then pat dry your feet. After that use a good moisturizer in the circular manner.  Keep them too relaxed so that it can be absorbed to maintain the pH balance of the feet. Treat-Cracked-Heels-Cracked-Heels-Cracked-Heels-Care-Dry-Heels-Cracked-Heels-Remedies-Cracked-Heels-Tips

Finally, give a good nail polish to enhance the looks of your feet. Apply your nail enamels with straight strokes and finish it well. And don’t forget to apply a transparent top coat to give an elegant look.


A good foot is the root towards a healthy and active body, as the feet works more than any other body part; it needs a relaxation so that the blood circulations must not be affected. Many times we feel fatigue and tired without any reason, maybe we are not working too much by our body but still like to take a rest. This is a sign that our body needs feet relaxation, but we never think of that. This is not only to centered to the women only,  but men also required foot caring, as their feet are mostly covered with socks and shoes, the chances of having bacteria is more than women, so men take care of your feet too.

Author Bio: Sonia Shaw, Seo Analyst by profession and writer by hobby, shares her experiences, views by writing online blogs and articles. She contributes blogs for Khoj Panacea.

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