The Usage & Adaption of Mobile Apps.

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The term ‘mobile’ earlier meant something that can be moved from place to place then it changed into a device used for calling. Revolutions made that handy thing more useful than it was imaginable. More the time passed more it developed and had a number of applications or more commonly known ‘apps’. Google play store is the place where one can find any number of apps that are useful or entertaining to them.


In today’s world mobile apps are of many types that makes our daily life easier like, recycle bins for mobile phone helps you restore the deleted items when needed; maps- you need to find a place while you are on your way, it’s there. Got something scans immediately, Cam Scanner is there to help. Apps that makes you feel the safe at night or deserted areas and help you contact your family at an emergency-vithU. Apps that entertains you when you are bore: Temple run, Bubble shoot, photo editor apps like-Fotos, Pace Editor, Photo Studio, etc. There are many apps that help one to have books stored in there mobiles for the book-lovers. Beauties there is good news for you all, now a new app is available in Google Play store named ‘Mirror’. Yes, that is what you just read. No need to carry a mirror every time you step out of your house. It’s right there in your smart phones.


Apps regarding banks is also there to help one out namely, SBI Banking, Axis Banking, etc. Students no need to freak out just because your grammar is poor. An app called ‘English Grammar’ has just let us know about it. Online shoppers no need to stick to your personal computers to shop. You can shop anytime on your mobile phones with the help of the following apps, Flip kart,,, etc. Folks do not worry if you have just lost your mobile. ‘Mobile tracker’ app is there for you. Need to hide some file ‘App Lock’ is there. Online chatter are the one who has got to use their mobiles to its fullest extent with the help of ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Line’, ‘Facebook messenger’, ‘We chat’, and the list goes on.

If one gets too many calls from unknown peoples and wants to know about their whereabouts ’Phone 2 Location’ is what one needs. When you need to keep a record of all your conversations ‘Automatic Call Recorder’ is of great help. With all this interesting apps one will need to keep their mobiles safe and protected from viruses, Kasperskey, 360 Security, etc are there at service.

There are some fake apps that can slow down our mobiles or damage them severely. So choose apps for your Smartphone wisely. Enjoy using your Smart phones which are full of application.

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